Mulch-bearing, Mountain-moving faith

After the Liturgy for Lazarus Saturday April 27, nearly two dozen parishioners (and, of course, their priest) spent the better part of a beautiful day preparing for Holy Week and Pascha, attending to all sorts of things -- cleaning, polishing, flower-arranging and, spreading a 15-yard mountain of mulch around the property.  Thanks to all who exercised their stewardship, and muscles, to manifest mountain-moving faith! 

"You want THAT moved WHERE?"
"Now, I wanna know WHO ordered all that stuff!"
"I shovel and shovel and shovel but the pile doesn't go down."
"I prefer weeding."
"Now we're cookin. Get that priest with the camera over here to help!"
"Kneeling ... and it's not even Pentecost."
"At 3:22 pm, the mountain was officially declared 'moved.'"